What to do if you're not happy with something

1. Background:

The Complaints and Appeal Procedure below is that of the Time to Shine Partnership Board. The purpose of the Board is to provide strategic direction to the Partnership including adopting, implementing and monitoring a range of policies including Complaints and Appeal. However, it does not replace the Complaints and Appeal Policies of the Lead Partner (Leeds Older People’s Forum), the Core Partners or the Delivery Partners. For staff, volunteers and those using the services developed by Time to Shine the Complaint and Appeal Policy of the employer or Delivery Partner will take precedence in the first instance.

2. Introduction

Time to Shine is committed to providing high quality services to local people through its Partnership Board, its Lead Partner (Leeds Older People’s Forum) and selected Delivery Partners. However, we acknowledge that there may be times when individuals and groups we come into contact with are dissatisfied. Accordingly we have a process through which they can issue a formal complaint or make an appeal against a decision.

Our policy is intended to help us resolve problems in a consistent way across the project and ensure that people’s concerns are dealt with seriously, fairly and promptly.We aim to:

  • Make it easy for you to make a complaint or appeal;
  • Make sure you get a quick response;
  • Give you the right to a second opinion;
  • Keep you informed of our progress in dealing with your complaint or appeal.

Nobody who makes a complaint about Time to Shine or appeals against a decision that has been taken, will be treated unfavourably as a result. You have a right to tell us if something is wrong.

3. How to make a complaint or appeal

Our procedure has four steps.

Step 1

Think about who your complaint is about. If it is about an employment issue or a service being delivered you should, in the first place, go to the employer or the person delivering the service and make your complaint using their Complaints and Appeal Procedure.If you are unable to resolve your problem using that route then go to Step 2 and use the Time to Shine Complaints and Appeal Procedure.

Step 2

If you have a complaint or would like to appeal against a decision the first step is to telephone the office and speak to the Time to Shine Programme Manager (Legacy). Alternatively please email [email protected] or write to the Programme Manager and tell them about the nature of your complaint or appeal. We call this an “informal” complaint. If it is not possible to sort out your complaint or appeal immediately, we will contact you within 5 working days to explain what action is being taken.

Step 3

If you are not satisfied with the answer you receive at this stage, you will need to complete and return the complaints /appeals form and send it to the Chair of the Time to Shine Partnership Board as detailed below. Your complaint / appeal will then be investigated and we will give you a full reply within 15 working days.

Step 4

If you are still not satisfied, you have a right to ask for your complaint or appeal to be reviewed by a panel made up of at least two other representatives from the Partnership Board. You need to submit your formal complaint or appeal, in writing, to this panel who will review it and speak to the individual(s) concerned. The review panel will send a written a report within 10 days with recommendations to the Programme Manager regarding any action that needs to be taken. You will receive a copy of this report.

Please send any written correspondence to:

Time to Shine Programme Manager (Legacy)
24C Joseph's Well
Hanover Walk
Leeds LS3 1AB

Tel: 0113 244 1697
Email: [email protected]

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