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Ageing better

Fulfilling Lives: Ageing Better is a new Big Lottery programme that aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness amongst older people (50+). Leeds was amongst the 32 Local Authorities selected from 100 applicants to go through to the second round of this programme.

The stage one application was led by Leeds City Council. At stage two Leeds Older People’s Forum was identified as the voluntary sector lead. The second stage application was submitted on 30th April 2014. The project will run for 6 years with a budget of approximately £1m per year and will reach at least 15,000 older people in the city.

Read The Big Lottery Fund’s press release and see what other cities are involved in the initiative here.

You can hear about some of the other areas' (and our) approaches in this video, from a July 2015 networking event.

Fulfilling Lives: Ageing Better is one of the Big Lottery's strategic investments.

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