Core Partnership

Time to Shine Governance

The Partnership Board is responsible for the strategic oversight of the Project. The Core Partners on the Board are currently:

Anne Forbes - LOPF (older person)
Bill Rollinson - LOPF (older person) (Chair)
Carol McGrath - Leeds City Council, Adult Social Care
Cath Mahoney - Vice Chair (as of March 2016)
Corrina Lawrence - Feel Good Factor
Denis Donoghue - In Attendance (not a member)
Rachael Newell - Eversheds (solicitors)
Heather O'Donnell - AgeUK Leeds
Helena Bladon - Carers Leeds
Jean Townsend -  LOPF (older person)
Kath Lindley - Tenfold (learning disability forum)
Richard Dowsett - Big Lottery (in attendance)
Liz Messenger - Leeds City Council, Public Health
Ruth Cornelissen - Care and Repair Leeds
Sarah Alden - CIRCLE, University of Sheffield Faculty of Social Sciences
Eric Smith - Yorkshire Mesmac / Individual (LGBT representative)

The aims, objectives and legal status of all named current and former Core Partners are included below.

The Partnership Board is governed by a Partnership Agreement. Members of the Partnership are local organisations from the voluntary, private and statutory sectors and individuals that have interest, expertise and skills which contribute to the purpose of the Partnership and the delivery of the Time to Shine Project. The Partners were selected using an application process. Opportunities to join the partnership will be advertised here along with notification of how to apply.

The Partnership Board has three main sub groups which have oversight for: evaluation, selecting delivery partners and risk management. 
As the meaningful involvement of older people is core to Time to Shine the Partnership Agreement and Structure reflects and ensures that this will be the case through the governance of the Project. Membership of the Time to Shine Partnership Board must at all times consist of at least 75% of older people and at all times the Chair of the Partnership Board will be an older person.

Register of Interests

As part of our risk management strategy for Time to Shine, and to make sure that we think of any potential conflicts of interests that might challenge the integrity of the project, we ask all staff, core partners and trustees to declare any interests they or their close family members may have. 

We appraise all declarations and take steps to mitigate against any potential conflict of interest. For example, we take declarations of interest at the start of each Core Partnership meeting and members are absented from any section of the meeting where they could be seen to have undue influence. 

We collate this information into a public register of interests which you can download here.

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