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Rob Cook
Communications Officer
[email protected]

I joined the Time to Shine programme in November 2018. My role in the team is to make sure we communicate effectively about Time to Shine, especially about the learning from the programme and how to leave the best possible legacy for the future.

I’ve worked in the voluntary sector in Leeds since the 1980s, particularly in mental health, work with older people and with volunteers, most recently doing communications at Bramley Elderly Action. I’m driven by a sense of social justice in whatever I'm involved with.

In my spare time I do plenty of cooking, play badminton and play the ukulele (badly!) in Music From the Attic.

Jessica Duffy
Learning Facilitator
[email protected]

I joined the organisation from the environment sector where I worked training staff and volunteers in all sorts of things, from tree planting to time management. The thing I have always enjoyed about my work is spotting patterns and making sure people get together to share information, and that is what this job is all about.

I help Time to Shine delivery partners share information locally, and with the other National Ageing Better programmes, and then trying to ensure we share that information with other older people’s groups in Leeds to help them do a better job.

In my spare time I am growing my children, and apples, and trying to live a sustainable life in the city.

Lisa Fearn
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
[email protected]

I joined the Time to Shine team in 2015 and since then I've really enjoyed working across the city, meeting amazing people and monitoring and evaluating a diverse range of creative and innovative older people's projects. Research is a big part of the Time to Shine programme so part of my role involves linking the work of delivery partners and the ideas, feelings and experiences of older beneficiaries into the local and national evaluations of the programme. Our intention is to learn about what works, and what doesn't work, to improve social connections and reduce feelings of loneliness in older people in Leeds.

Linda Glew
Programme Manager (Legacy)
[email protected]

I joined Time to Shine in January 2019 and am very excited to work with older people in Leeds and want to work hard to ensure that the legacy of the work is positive and long lasting.

I have a background of working with the Third Sector for over 20 years though largely with children and families. However, my main passion is people and that everyone has the best possible life that they can have.

I live in Halifax though I was born and bred in Bradford and am very proud to be a Yorkshire lass!

In my spare time I love to get out hiking in the great Yorkshire outdoors and to travel further afield when I can.

Elizabeth Griffin

Communities Officer, Time to Shine
[email protected]

I joined LOPF in August 2021 after 22 years working for Leeds City Council Care Delivery Services. My last role was in operational development as the community engagement worker. I have previously worked in residential care settings, day opportunities and peer support services for people living with dementia.

I love working alongside older people and have a vocation for raising the voices and experiences of people living with dementia. My work has focused on consultations, carers’ groups, mapping and developing contemporary activities.

In my spare time I manage Leeds Festival of Gothica, partnered with Leeds City Museum, which celebrates the subcultural heritage of Leeds. I am also an avid collector of costumes, snake curio and pre-raphaelite art.

Ali Kaye

Third Sector Development Manager
[email protected]

I’ve joined Leeds Older People's Forum at the start of a new decade and come into an exciting new role, working with the Leeds Neighbourhood Networks.

As a Leeds lass, born and bred, and a potential future user of network services I am looking forward to working with the networks and building on relevant, locally driven networks, responsive to the diverse needs of Leeds residents. With a background in the charity sector, focusing on partnerships to increase opportunities for individuals and communities, working at LOPF is an opportunity to utilise this experience. Especially to continue learning about how as a sector we can continue to make a difference, as part of the networks we develop in.

Outside of work, I can usually be found walking my Cocker Spaniel across Leeds green spaces and beyond, gardening or weather not permitting, catching up with friends and films.

Sarah Prescott
Communities Officer, Time to Shine
[email protected]

I Joined LOPF in December 2018 as one of two Communities Officers who coordinate the Age Friendly Leeds and Dementia Friendly Leeds programmes.

I have worked with older people throughout my career in a range of roles largely related to improving health and wellbeing, reducing loneliness and increasing digital inclusion.

In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors either trying to grow fruit and vegetables in my garden, or getting out into the countryside with my family walking, cycling and picnicking.

Hillary Wadsworth
Programme Manager (Learning)
[email protected]

I am privileged to have worked on the Time to Shine programme as Programme Manager since 2015. I have thoroughly enjoyed developing strong partnerships with our Delivery Partners, staff team and older people to ensure we achieve the ambitious outcomes of the programme. I have always enjoyed working with older people and over the last 15 years have been fortunate to work in a range of roles from developing befriending services to managing city-wide projects.

I am a proud northerner, originally from Durham but Leeds definitely feels like home. When I’m not running around after two energetic children I like to catch up with my sleep and a bit of knitting.

Harriet Walsh
Administration Officer
[email protected]

My job is to support my colleagues with their work and I aim to develop and keep admin systems working effectively. The Time to Shine programme involves amazing delivery partners, staff and volunteers and is always interesting and inspiring.

I've worked as a self-builder, in import and export, in the arts and in the charitable sector so bring a varied perspective to my work. I'm a member of Leeds Hackspace, a workshop space for people who like making things, are curious about how stuff works, or would like to learn new skills. I'm also part of a group called Lifehacks for Limited Futures, looking at how we can self-organise for happiness and wellbeing in later life.

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