Ageism affects people of all ages

Ageism is discrimination based on age. Any age. It can, and does, affect us all, at numerous points in our lives.

People often assume that ageism only affects older people, but in a global study The Perennials (carried out by Ipsos MORI), “three quarters of those aged 25-34 felt...discriminated against for being too young.”

It is this shared intergenerational experience of being treated unfairly that the second message of the Age Proud Leeds campaign addresses.

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As well as direct discrimination from others, a peculiar characteristic of ageism is that we do it to ourselves. As we approach middle-age, we routinely distance ourselves from our ageing selves. And to what end? As Ashton Applewhite explains (2):

“It doesn’t make much sense to discriminate against a group that we aspire to join... Ageism is a prejudice against our own future selves… and takes root in denial of the fact that we’re going to get old. That we are ageing.”

We call upon all Leeds citizens - younger, middle-aged and older - to unite against ageism, challenge age-based stereotypes and change negative attitudes to ageing.

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Ageism affects people of all ages

1. Notice ageism in the media - then complain (or even praise!) the content. Use our resource Challenging ageism in the media - top tips to help you.

2. Get in touch with us for an activity pack - we can send you some posters and postcards (on which people can write their thoughts) focused on 'Ageism affects people of all ages' , that you can use with a group of up to about 10 people- email [email protected]

3. Download and use our 'Ageism affects people of all ages' poster - available in A4 and A5

4. Use the Age Proud quiz, with friends or work colleagues

(1) That Age Old Question: how attitudes to ageing affect our health and wellbeing (Royal Society for Public Health / Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 2018)

(2) This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism (Ashton Applewhite, Melville House UK, 2016)

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