Celebrate an older person!

As part of Time to feel good about ageing we want to celebrate the wealth and depth of contributions by older people.

We invite you to celebrate an older person!

Tell us about an older person who you admire. It could be your gran, someone famous, a historic figure or even a fictional character! Tell us why you want to celebrate that person. What is or was their contribution?...perhaps to you personally, to the community, or to the world!

We may publish what you say, on this website or on social media.

See, below, some of the older people being celebrated.

Susan, from Leeds 7, is celebrating her friend and volunteer colleague, Ruth.

Ruth has been fantastically supportive to myself and others. She gives a lot of energy and enthusiasm to both the LGBT+ community and the disabled community. She is an activist. She inspires me.

Rob from Kirkstall is celebrating Nelson Mandela.

I was involved in the Anti-Apartheid Movement in the 1980s, but at the time it felt like apartheid might go on for decades. Yet on February 11 1990, Mandela walked out from prison! He’d been incarcerated for 27 years and was now 71. Nobody could have blamed him if he wanted to rest, maybe retire. But what did he say on the day of his release? “The factors which necessitated the armed struggle still exist today. We have no option but to continue.” He was elected President of the new South Africa in April 1994. I was fortunate enough to hear Mandela speak live in Leeds, and in London. We can’t all have the resolve and determination of Nelson Mandela. But he’s a truly great inspiration to us to do what we can do to bring about social change. It doesn’t matter what age we are!

Lydia invites us to celebrate Dame Maggie Smith

"An exceptional actress who has played so many different parts - from Harry Potter to a lady in a van! She always makes me smile and never seems to stop. Who can forget those iconic lines in Downton Abbey?"

Jessica, from Headingley, invites us all to celebrate Jill Archer

“She's 90 now I think, but still running a farmhouse and looking after her family, and in the past few years has taken up protesting, got herself arrested, and started a new relationship. She also seems to have a very positive relationship with her grandchildren. A great fictional role model.”

Linda’s ‘hero’ is Sheila Hancock

“elegant, talented, witty, growing older beautifully but naturally. I was deeply moved by her openness and honesty after losing her husband, John Thaw who I also admired. It can't be easy grieving when so many are watching. Aged 85 she moved from talented actress to hero in my eyes as she played 83 year old Edie, who believes that it is never too late and embarks on an adventure to climb Mount Suilven in Scotland. Sheila had to do a training program that saw her take up Nordic Walking and weight training, walk across the wilds of Scotland for miles, row across lakes, camp in freezing temperatures and ultimately make it to the summit - the oldest person ever to do so! It is not so much the achievements that astound me so much as her refusal to be defined by her age - no internalised ageism there! Her advice to those younger than her is to have as much fun as you can - which I intend to heed!”

Jude from Meanwood is celebrating Floella Benjamin

"Her appearance on Desert Island Discs the other day reminded me of how brilliant she is, what a fantastic contribution she has and is making to British society - like many others who came at the time of the Windrush migration."

Ann from Gledhow is celebrating Joan Bakewell

"She is a very visible presence of ageing positively"

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