Tell us one good thing about ageing!

The process of growing older brings many positives - whether it’s more time, contentment, grandchildren...

We invite you to tell us one good thing about ageing! You can do this activity whatever age you are

We may publish what you say below, or on social media.

People have told us all these good things about ageing:

“When you're older you get to know everything, like Grandad!”
(Henry, age 6, Meanwood).

"I don't think about what other people think as much, I'm much more confident in my own skin. I recently started to learn to swim, which in the past I would have felt very silly and self-conscious about. Now I'm just proud of myself for giving it a go!"
(Hillary, Meanwood)

"I make my own choices"
(Susan, Leeds 7)

"Realising the simple pleasures that make life and Leeds amazing, the looks in the eyes of your children as they gaze at the town lights, the festive displays and the great feeling of knowing where you are from, we bleed Leeds and would never have it any other way"
(Nathan Reynolds, Leeds 8)

"Everything!! Wisdom, experience, confidence, beauty (inner & outer), never taking yourself too seriously, knowing what you don’t want (even if you’re still working out what you DO want), decadence, (a bit more) financial stability (if you’re lucky), long term friendships, love, memories, knowing what it means to count your blessings. I’ll stop now."
(Sue Glew)

"Grandchildren, and having the time to appreciate and cherish them."
(Jo Woodhead)

"Wisdom, life experience, knowing you can survive, learning from mistakes, cherishing family and good friends."
(Maxine West)

"It beats the alternative!"
(Jaime Lister)

"you don't have to do anything unless you choose to!"
(Barbara Walker)

"Being a grandma! They say grandchildren are the reward for having children and it is so true. Pure joy!"
(Linda Glew, works in Leeds, lives in Halifax)

"Emotional calm. All that small stuff you needlessly sweated over becomes microscopic then, yay, disappears altogether."
(Susan Flory @thebigmiddlepod)

"Knowing who I am and it's ok to be me."
(Lynn, Rothwell)

"Learning and loving so much :) "
(@AnitaCassidy76, London)

Wise Up To Ageism
Take part in our 90 minute online session aiming to raise awareness, encourage you to find out more, reflect and help you challenge ageism in your everyday life.

Age Proud Leeds resources
We have also produced a range of resources to support everyone involved in the campaign against age discrimination in Leeds.

Angela Behind The Woman Web

"A sense of truly becoming the person you were meant to be"
(Angela Behind The Woman)

“Ageing is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been”
(David Bowie, New York - via @AgeingBetter)

(@AgeingBetter, London)

"Looking back becomes a pleasure. You have a treasure trove of memories, your own box set you can turn on without a controller." (…and many other good things, on Grandma Williams website .)

(@Greyafro, London)


“I am confident to speak up and ask questions, to say when I don't know and to find out more.”

“Not worrying about what people might think about me, what I do, what I wear...”
(Rob, Kirkstall)

“I have gained so much life experience that I am able to share with others in a really positive way.”
(Alison, Pudsey)

Tell us your one good thing about ageing!

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