Final Report: Raat Di Roti - Touchstone Sikh Elders

Raat di Roti means 'Evening Meal' in Punjabi. They were part of Time to Shine until October 2017, when their project came to a close. 

Volunteers invited an older person to share their evening meal.

Through the ritual of sharing a nutritious evening meal, Sikh and other Punjabi Elders mixed with younger families and together they developed a stronger sense of community and reduced social isolation.

Once a fortnight volunteers shared the raat di roti in either the volunteer or elder's home.

The project connected Punjabi-speaking families with Punjabi-speaking isolated older people and fostered cross-generational relationships in the local community.

We learned a great deal from this project about effective ways to address social isolation, as well as some common barriers. Read more about the project's lasting legacy below. 

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