Time to Shine learning events – August-November 2019

I’m very pleased to say that I have planned a Time to Shine learning programme to take us through the remainder of 2019. (See details below.) These learning events are either: a Time to Learn session; a more formal training session, or a Networking meeting. All are free!

All the Time to Learn sessions are open to anyone – paid staff or volunteers – working with older people in Leeds, as are the training sessions, except for ‘Taking better project photographs’.

Follow the link for each event to get more details and to book your place. Please get in touch if you have any questions – [email protected]

I hope there’s something here for you!


What do we do about anxiety? (Time to Learn)

Tuesday 6 August 2019, 2.00-4.00
Bramley Community Centre, LS13 2JB

This Time to Learn session will be an opportunity to look at what we do about anxiety when we discover that is one of the barriers to re-engaging an individual with a social network. What do you do next when you are not a mental health practitioner?
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How to recruit volunteers (Training)

Wednesday 21 August 2019, 10.00-3.30
Tenants Hall Enterprise Centre, LS10 4HX

This course will look at how to recruit volunteers effectively. It will cover:

  • creating a range of roles suitable for volunteers
  • creating motivational job descriptions
  • the pros and cons of using the word 'volunteer' when asking beneficiaries to 'step-up'
  • systems and good practice in your organisation
  • a chance to share concerns and get inspiration

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Give it your best shot!
Taking better photographs of your activities (Training)

(For Time to Shine delivery partners and small fund holders.)

Tuesday 10 September 2019, 10.00-1.00
Leodis Room, Leeds Central Library, LS1 3AB

It is tricky to take good photographs of this sort of work and people have said they would like to be able to take better photographs to do their project justice,

This is a non-technical session to help you get the best out photographs using nothing more than your smart phone, or ordinary camera. It will offer you suggestions about composition and how to make the best of the images you have taken.
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Finding out about how the WARM WELCOME works (Time to Learn)

Thursday 12 September 2019, 2.00-4.00
Yew Tree Court, LS17 5PT

Following on from our discussions at the Toolkits Workshop, work being done by other Ageing Better programmes across the UK and discussions across the Time to Shine Delivery Partner network we are hoping to learn from Billy Barnes (of Ageing Better Middlesbrough) about the Warm Welcome work (part of the Church Urban Fund initiative in Middlesborough and Cleveland).

We'd like to learn how the work he does and the work happening across smaller groups in Leeds, often faith-based, can be welcoming to all older people.
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Quarterly Delivery Project & Small Funds Network meeting
(For Time to Shine delivery partners and small fund holders.)

Wednesday 25 September 2019, 2.00-4.00
The Old Fire Station, LS9 6NL

Our Autumn networking meeting. As well as a chance to catch up with other partners we have Lisa Fearn (Time to Shine Monitoring & Evaluation Officer) to take you through using your data from the Lottery evaluation forms, so you get a good idea of what you are able to do with it or might find it useful for.
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How to keep your volunteers by looking after them (Training)

Thursday 24 October 2019, 10.00-3.30
Age UK Leeds, LS2 8JA

This course will look at how to manage and retain the volunteers you have recruited. It will cover:

  • creating a range of roles suitable for volunteers (a quick recap for those who did not come to the August course - unsuitable roles might be the root of volunteers who leave)
  • understanding the basics of different sorts of motivation
  • creating a rewarding system for volunteers
  • creating meaningful experiences
  • the volunteer life cycle and sustainability
  • systems to manage volunteers
  • a chance to share concerns and get inspiration

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Working with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue (Time to Learn)

Thursday 7 November 2019, 2.00-4.00
Venue to be confirmed

Hanna (Time to Shine’s first Learning Facilitator) worked with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue to produce a training session for their Safe and Well programme. All fire fighters in West Yorkshire are now trained to identify people at risk of social isolation and loneliness and refer them, usually to the local Neighbourhood Network.

Jack Bennett (Leeds District Prevention Manager) will come to enable us to have a discussion about how it works, and how you can refer people to them for Safe and Well visits.
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Please get in touch if you have any questions – [email protected]

Jessica Duffy
Learning Facilitator, Time to Shine

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