Training Available from Time to Shine

Time to Shine's number-one priority is learning. We want to learn what works to reduce social isolation and loneliness amongst older people. 

Second to that is sharing. We want to spread around what we've learned to as many people as possible, both locally and nationally, so that more people can be tackling the problem. 

As such we have a dedicated training programme that is available to individuals and organisations who want to learn more. We can shape our learning opportunities to fit your needs, so please do get in touch to discuss your particular interests. 

2016 Q3 Photos Bereavement 3
Three participants and one of our learning sessions

Some of our sessions are designed for professionals who work with people who may be at risk of social isolation, and some are aimed at individuals who may be at risk themselves (which is all of us). 

If you're curious to find out more, please visit this page or get in touch with Julia Edmunds, Time to Shine Learning Facilitator: [email protected]; 0113 244 1697. 

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