What’s happening in Leeds for older people during the lockdown?

During this period of lockdown caused by the coronavirus, the vast majority of regular services and activities for older people in Leeds, run by local Neighbourhood Network Schemes and other organisations, have closed down for now.

However, many new activities, and new ways of doing old things, have been springing up! We are doing our best to keep track of this fast moving situation, for older people who may want to find something for themselves, and for organisations who would like ideas, and learn how to do new things.

The activities are grouped into categories. Please tell us if you know of any more, so that we can share the information. (Email [email protected])



  • Leeds Covid-19 Support Line - A telephone support line through St Gemmas and Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice for anyone in Leeds with family members or friends who are critically ill, or who have died from any illness during the Covid-19 period. https://www.st-gemma.co.uk/cov...


  • If people are struggling to get food call the Leeds City Council emergency number 0331 3781877. They will connect people with volunteers to help them locally.
  • There are a surprising number of local sources of food. Many Ward Hubs are arranging food deliveries for those who can't get out, and some have food banks and PAYF shops. We suggest you sign up to your local hub(s) on Facebook.

Health and wellbeing

  • Public Health colleagues have developed some training and information regarding suicide prevention, with a key focus on guidance for volunteers who might not have had any training before and are exposed to people disclosing information to them.
  • For Rapid Training: Full Training:


  • and Micro Course:


  • Locally developed resources can be found here:


  • and we encourage these are kept close by for volunteers, staff and managers for sign posting.
  • For volunteers supporting a caller who is experiencing a mental health crisis situation, or are needing support for their own mental wellbeing, visit Mindwell.
  • Public Health england have published a suite of new information and guidelines for the general public for your information


Guidance found below - including an easy read version and guidance/links within the main document for people with specific needs (such as autism, dementia etc)


  • Short videos with information and tips for Mental Health during and after Social Isolation and during the easing of lockdown:

Home and garden support

Keeping in touch


The Council advice page https://www.leeds.gov.uk/coron... can offer advice on paying your council tax, self emplyment, signing on and applying for work the Money Infromation centre is here https://www.leeds.gov.uk/leeds...


Support for organisations


Coronavirus and older people in Leeds

NHS Volunteers Needed - Volunteer Responders - For More Information see link below:


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