Become a Community Correspondent

Older people (over the age of 50) write for us as Community Correspondents for the Time to Shine website.

Time to Shine is guided by older people, for older people, and we want their take on what’s happening in their community. We want older people to write about the local news, their own experiences, and to cover events in Leeds. We especially want to hear from older people about what matters most to them. 

There are many different writing opportunities for Community Correspondents. Over time we hope to create a pool of older people who cover news and events across Leeds and are willing to share their wisdom, experience and perspective. No previous experience is needed and staff are on-hand to support anyone who wants to get involved. 

You can download the flyer below about becoming a Community Correspondent for Time to Shine. Please circulate this to anyone in your network that might be interested. 

Email Jim on [email protected] if you want to get involved.

Time to Shine Community Correspondent Flyer

Become a Community Correspondent for Time to Shine

Tts Community Correspondent Flyer

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