Carers Connections

Carers are at high risk of social isolation. The responsibility of taking care of a loved one, especially one who is living with dementia or multiple health problems, can mean that your own needs become less of a priority, or perhaps none at all.

This new project will help to ensure that being a carer does not have to mean being isolated or lonely. The project will reach out to a number of different groups of people:

  • Carers who can leave the home but have lost confidence in socialising as a result of their caring role. This includes bereaved carers, who may for a period of their lives been unable to leave the home, but as a result of their caring role ending, can get out and about.
  • Carers with health problems or disabilities who have difficulty in leaving the home.
  • Carers who have been unable to set up satisfactory care arrangements that would allow them to leave the person they care for – this often happens to carers of people with dementia.
  • Male carers experiencing social isolation

Carers Leeds has experience supporting more than 72,000 carers around the city and are very well-placed to combat social isolation amongst this group of people.

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