Learning Facilitation

Time to Shine offers a comprehensive training programme for older people, volunteers and staff to raise awareness of loneliness and share key messages. Training is provided across Leeds, focusing on the causes and effects of social isolation and the ways in which this can be reduced.

Our Learning Facilitator Hanna Wilcock provide training and awareness solutions to help both older people who struggle with loneliness and social isolation and the staff and volunteers who work with them.

Hanna delivers a variety of different projects including:

Loneliness and Me

A collection of short films looking at real experiences of loneliness from older people across Leeds.

Valuing our Skills

This session is for any group of older people living in Leeds. This training package is about helping people to recognise their value and see how the skills they have can be used to involve them in their community. Find out more here

Transitions Into Later Life

This course aims to support people ahead of retirement. The main focus of the course is on the emotional aspect of retirement rather than the practical (finance, housing, care etc) and it intends to give participants tools and tips to strengthen their emotional resilience and live fulfilling later lives.

This course is person-led and flexible. The content is based on peoples lived experience no matter what that is. The course is appropriate for mixed cultures and ages from 50+. Find out more here.

What is Social Isolation and Loneliness? 

This is a bespoke training session looking at what we mean by these terms and the causes and consequences. This course looks at how social isolation and loneliness impact older people living in Leeds and what is currently available through the Time to Shine project. This course is ideally suited to groups that wan to know more about these subjects and potentially get involved with older people's organisations across Leeds.

Loneliness through a Lens 

A photography exhibition that will be taking place in Leeds City Museum in September 2017. This will highlight individuals stories of loneliness from across Leeds and how people have become more involved in activities and groups. It will show the both the hardships that loneliness causes and the positive steps that can be made to become part of your community.

Volunteer Listeners

Volunteer listeners are volunteers who will be trained by Time to Shine and Circle or evaluation partner to go out and collect stories from participants about their experiences of the projects they are involved in. The volunteer listeners will obtain and record the experiences of Time to Shine project beneficiaries’ in such a way that successful practices can be identified, lessons learned where practices fall short, and planning for future support for Older People can be informed.

Find out more about Volunteer Listeners here.

All these projects are open to anybody across Leeds so if you are interested in finding out more please get in touch! Look out on our Twitter and Facebook too to find out when they are happening.

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