Sensitive Data

Gathering information about people's lives and experience is incredibly important to programmes like Ageing Better. This involves asking some sensitive questions and recording the answers appropriately. 

Using research principles, this course looks at why we ask these questions and the fears and worries people have about asking them. We allow participants to address their worries and fears about scenarios linked with asking sensitive questions and then address them as a group. 

The course objectives are to:

  • To understand the reasons why sensitive data is so important to the success of programmes like Ageing Better
  • To understand the key research principles behind why we ask the questions we do.
  • To face up to fears and worries about asking sensitive questions and create key workarounds and strategies.
  • To learn the importance of planning and preparation when asking sensitive questions both for your benefit and for the benefit of the person you are working with.

To understand your responsibility to the person you are gathering data from: are you knowledgeable enough on data protection, processes and their rights?

Session time: 3 hours

Participant numbers: 6-25

Intended audience: Time to Shine Delivery Partners

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