Archived Project: Seniors' Networks A.G.E.

Gipton is an area of Leeds rich in local knowledge and a sense of community. Action for Gipton Elderly (AGE) wants to tap into that wealth to connect some of the most isolated people in the area, improving people’s confidence and overall health. The project will follow the Asset-Based Community Development model (ABCD): using resources that already exist to their full potential, rather than importing them from an outside source. Community Connectors and volunteers will reach out to people on a personalised one-to-one level, a proven approach to overcoming the barriers of social isolation. Older people will be assisted in finding their common interests and be offered new activities specific to those interests. In Gipton, feeling more involved and included will be as easy as A-B-C-D.

This project concluded in July 2017. This page is for informational purposes.

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