Archived Project: Street Links

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“People just don’t know their neighbours anymore” is a common refrain of people who remember a time when their community felt more tight-knit and people looked out for each other. Richmond Hill Elderly Action (RHEA)’s Street Links programme aims to regenerate that sense of connections by inviting local people to become “Street Agents.” 

Street Agents take an active but non-intrusive role of simply being aware of how their neighbours are doing—noticing if they haven’t seen them in a while, delivering the RHEA newsletter, offering a listening ear when it’s wanted and generally being a source of informal but vital support. So while older people will build their confidence and maintain their independence, they’ll know that a good neighbour has their back. 

These connections will encourage isolated older people to get and stay in involved in local activities, such as lunch clubs and line dancing. One participant said, "Everybody joins in; everybody talks, plays games. Otherwise they don't get out. The main thing is to get out." 

This project concluded in October 2017. This page is for informational purposes.

Rhea Line Dancing 7
A line dancing class at RHEA

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