Archived Project: Walking with Confidence

Increasing older people’s independence by walking together

Trained volunteers offer support and a reassuring presence for up to 12 weeks to help older people get out and about on foot, mobility scooter or public transport. A goal is set – such as to visit a shop, pub or a friend’s house – and volunteers and olderpeople work towards achieving this together.

The Walking with Confidence project from Age UK Leeds aims to bolster older people’s independence through the help of skilled and compassionate volunteers. Lending support and a reassuring presence can help people get out to their local shops, pub, post office or community centre and not be confined to their four walls. Volunteers will receive specialised training so that they can provide the right fit of support, whether that means just walking alongside someone or helping them to use public transport.

Read about one of the project's early successes, Mary's story, here.

Walking with Confidence continue to recruit new volunteers and new participants, and they are achieving their goals of reviving people's independence.

Ellen, pictured above, has gone from needing a rest every few paces to feeling confident to go out on her own and start attending local groups again. She says, "It was a very positive experience and I would like to thank everyone for their help."

Please get in touch if you are interested in benefiting from this service or if you would like to volunteer.

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