Shine Magazine

Shine Magazine is a new publication from Time to Shine that shares the stories of older people in Leeds.

Older people in Leeds have stories to tell. This is the place to tell them. Stories of our lives, memories of our city, stories about how we have coped with adversity in the last few months. Stories to make you laugh, to move you, to make you think. All kinds of stories from all kinds of older people in Leeds.

Read October 2021 issue of Shine Magazine

Read September 2021 issue of Shine Magazine

The idea is to help older people feel connected and offer space to contribute their stories. The magazine is both online and offline. The printed edition goes to older people who don’t have internet access. Shine comprises a mixture of features offering different opinions, memories of Leeds past, life-stories, health tips and information.

Time to Shine is partnering with Leeds City Council and the 33 hubs across the city to distribute Shine Magazine to older people who are most isolated and vulnerable. It’ll be delivered alongside food parcels. There’s also an online version: every issue can be downloaded and each article will be on the Shine Magazine website.

Shine Magazine has been created as a response to the Coronavirus Crisis. Mojo Film have repurposed their Storytelling Project, that was originally going to be film-based.

The magazine relies on partners and individuals to provide stories and other content. If you are an older person or are supporting an older person who might want to share their story, please get in touch. We’re looking for stories, handy tips, jokes, artwork, poetry, memories ... and more. Just get in touch and we’ll send you all the details.

Tom Bailey
Mojo Film
[email protected]

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