Around the World Art & Craft

There is a common assumption that older people from Asian communities live with family and therefore are not susceptible to loneliness and isolation. While that may be true in some cases, Shantona Women's Centre has found that for a variety of reasons, this is not true for everyone. 

With many younger Asian women going to work during the day, they are not available to provide care and company for older relatives. In other cases, older people's choice and control might suffer as a result of being dependent on their family members. In still other cases, transport may be an issue or there may not be motivation to go out for lack of something they are interested in doing. 

Shantona will conduct home visits for initial assessments and then develop regular arts and crafts sessions based on individual interests. They will learn the best way to reduce social loneliness in later life by using art and craft as a tool to open doors to understanding differences and breaking the barriers.

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