Café Connect

After running a traditional style lunch club for many years, Roscoe United Methodist Church noticed a few trends emerging in recent years:

- more members who are 75 or older
- increased number of members who are 'housebound' and so less able to attend regularly
- more "younger older" members who are less keen on a traditional style 'lunch club' (particularly men) but are looking for ways to engage with others and contribute to the community'

Café Connect will respond to these trends by providing space and opportunities for younger members to meet together and organise activities for themselves and in response to the needs of the older members. They'll be able to connect with each other in a purposeful and productive way, whilst engaging their interests and abilities to help reduce the loneliness and sense of isolation felt by those who are less able to be as active as they once were.

An existing Grandparent Group that meets alongside the Lunch Club has provided valuable input to developing the idea and led to the particular emphasis in addressing the need to engage more men in purposeful activities.

Photo (c) Roger Tempelton

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