Creative Communication

Pyramid of Arts will reach out to 24 older people with learning disabilities, who are not currently accessing many services. Starting with home visits, they will explore how much each individual is currently socialising, and see if they wish they were socialising more. 

Then, those who are interested can attend a 12-week art project, where they will get to try out a range of different art forms, from traditional to digital. The end result will be a unique "Cultural Passport," a piece of artwork which articulates their social ambitions. The passport will be reproducible so that it can be shared with all people responsible for the person's care, now or in the future. 

Elders Margaret And Handbag
Margaret, a Pyramid of Arts Legends member, shows off her overhead projector artwork.

Mini tablets will be on hand so that people can have a go at creating digital material as well as conventional paint and pictures. A recording of the trip to the art gallery, video interviews, blogs and webpages might all end up as part of the mix, to expose participants to as many different types of communication as possible. Pyramid of Arts will also use this as an opportunity to share information about other Time to Shine projects and encourage involvement in other activities. 

Their established "Legends" group for people over 55 will feed into the design and delivery of the project. 

Want to get "traveling"? Get in touch! 

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