Men's Breakfast Club

Recognising the gender imbalance in existing services in Chapeltown (85%/15% women-to-men), Zest Health for Life are launching a new breakfast club for men only. Once a week local men will gather for a healthy hot breakfast and a chance to make some new friends. 

The official name and development of the group will be determined by its members, as they decide what kind of activities they would like to do. The men involved will have a chance to share their skills, hobbies and stories as they teach each other and learn from each other. 

A development worker will help facilitate the group as well as signpost to other activities and support participants in attending, if there are any barriers to taking that first step. Over the course of the project, men will also have the opportunity to earn their Food Hygiene qualification, a valuable asset for employment and volunteering. 

Let's get cooking! 

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