Your Warehouse Project

St. Luke's Cares relies on donations being sold in their charity shops to raise 60% of their income. Many donations of furniture and white goods are only sellable after some work. 

Your Warehouse Project will give men over 50 a chance to gain or enhance the necessary skills to carry out this work, whether it be painting, reupholstering, repairing white goods or rebuilding furniture. After a six-week training course they will volunteer in the warehouse, providing an invaluable service of getting as many donations as possible ready for the shop floor. 

Men who may have been isolated will now be making a substantial contribution to their community while they get a chance to meet some new people and form some new friendships. A workshop can be a great place to break the ice and get to know people, while being part of a team and accomplishing a common goal. 

So if you fancy picking up a hammer or a paintbrush, come on down! 

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