Time to Shine a Light on Loneliness campaign

During the Covid-19 crisis, Loneliness – experienced by people of all ages,– has been an issue like never before. We are campaigning to bring loneliness, among people of all ages, out of the shadows, and to keep it high on the agenda during and after the Covid-19 crisis.

Why are we campaigning about loneliness? Watch our video. Read Linda’s blog.

We do not accept that loneliness is an inevitable part of ageing. We all experience loneliness, regardless of age.

We do not accept that loneliness demonstrates a weakness or flaw in people. It is a universal human emotion. It is okay to talk about it. To admit that you are lonely is simply to say that you have one of the most basic human needs - interaction with others.

Through the campaign we aim to:-

- capture the empathy and emotional understanding of loneliness that Covid-19 is creating and to promote longer lasting understanding

- use lockdown experience to highlight how loneliness impacts across all age groups, not just older people

- share our learning with local, regional and national partners about how loneliness affects people and ways of coping and developing resilience

- shine a light on how Covid-19 is impacting on different sections of our community and those at greater risk of loneliness during Covid-19.

- work in partnership citywide to keep loneliness high on the agenda post Covid-19 and build into future conversations to prevent loneliness across Leeds

Take part in Shine a Light on Loneliness

Tell us about your experience of feeling lonely - before lockdown or during. Tell us how it feels and how it affects you. We want to know what helps and how you cope. We really want to hear stories from all walks of life so that we can learn from you and use what we learn to help you and to help others.

Email:[email protected]
Phone: 0113 244 1697
Write: Leeds Older People’s Forum PO Box 908 ELLAND HX1 9WF

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