Key learning: person-centred approaches

Everyone has something to offer and a gift to give. Person-centred approaches understand this, while recognising that seldom heard groups may need additional support.

The skills of workers and volunteers at Time To Shine projects in taking a person-centred approach have enabled many people to gain a sense of self-worth and confidence. In many cases this has been a multi-layered approach with the involvement of other services, including health and social care.

Person-centred approaches are holistic and consider the overall needs of the individual. They can help to address the wider determinants of health. We have found in many cases issues concerning health, income and housing must be addressed before we can address someone’s social needs.

Compassion and kindness are key elements of a person-centred approach and allow for a relationship of trust to develop.

Many Time To Shine projects have been designed to support those most at risk of social isolation and loneliness. We have found that projects specifically designed to meet the needs of people from at risk groups have been successful, such as carers, and people from Black and Minority Ethnic communities. Such approaches have enabled a deeper understanding of the needs of marginalised communities and seldom heard groups.

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