Deborah’s story

Life was mainly spent with my family, looking after the grandchildren, all of the kids. I enjoy it, but sometimes it’s nice to have a break and do something for yourself. It can get a bit stifling at times. You are always mum and there to help. Again, I like to do this, but you do get taken for granted sometimes.

I have a neighbour who volunteers with Caring Together. She has been involved with them for years. I did go to a dance class with them years ago, but hadn’t done anything since.

She mentioned going to the cinema in town with them, and asked if I wanted to go. She said that they needed volunteers to help out with those that were a bit unsteady. My neighbour contacted Caring Together for me, then I had a chat with the woman who organises the volunteers and I agreed to take part.

It was good to have someone that I knew that was also volunteering. The volunteer worker was also friendly, and talked me through things. She reassured me that we were all going to be together and that I would not be left responsible for anyone. This made me feel more at ease and I knew I would be OK, as I hadn’t known what to expect, not having done volunteering before.

As it happened, I knew a lot of the people who attended the cinema trip. Most of them have lived around here for donkeys’ years.

“I enjoyed the trip and it was nice to all go out to a café afterwards.”

This was the only time that I volunteered, but I intend to offer to help out in the future. They apparently always need help at the annual party.

I did attend one meal in town, a couple of Arts and Minds sessions at the Tetley, and a dance class, though as a participant only.

“It’s nice to have time for myself outside of the family.”

I have also started meeting up once a week with two of the other Caring Together members. We take it in turns going around to each other’s houses for a coffee and a bit of lunch.

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